Draper Media Console: 50s-style console for your turntable

Draper Media Console 544x588px
(credit: via Urban Outfitters) Draper Media Console | US$249.00 | www.urbanoutfitters.com

still holding on to your turnable and vinyl records? then this Draper Media Console should let your old school media feel right at home. it has a upper shelf level for your lovely turnable, complete with a hinged top for easy access and a generous compartment for your vinyl record collections. if you ask me, this is where turntable should be, and not some modern furniture pieces. even more perfect if you already has 50s-style setup at home, else you can always grab more vintage style furniture for your interior decoration needs over at the Urban Outfitters.
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oh, it doesn’t come with the turnable as pictured but in case your are wondering, that’s a Jensen Wood Turntable. it is a 3-speed (33/45/78 rpm) record turntable, clad in a wooden cabinet and fronted by a silver-toned front. despite being an old-schooler, it has everything that a modern media equipment should have: AM/FM stereo receiver, external stereo speaker output jacks, stereo headphone jack, built-in speakers, and of course, volume control. the Jensen Wood Turntable can be yours for a mere $88, while the star of this post, the Draper Media Console, will set you back at $249.

Draper Media Console 544x508px

Draper Media Console 544x508px

Draper Media Console 544x788px

Draper Media Console via Uncrate

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