Black & Decker Modular MATRIX Tool System

Black & Decker Modular MATRIX Tool System
Black & Decker Modular MATRIX Tool System | from US$49.99 |

tools – every handyman or handywoman loves them but as with all things in life, not everyone has the luxury of space to contain them all. worst, some of tools might only be used like once in the blue moon. the Black & Decker Modular MATRIX Tool System solves that seemingly simple dilemma. all you need is to grab one of the three base units available (12V, 20V or the corded 4.0 Amp AC base model) and pick from the range of attachment available to suit your purpose. it comes with a standard drill/driver attachment with optional attachments available to suit virtually any urban home improvement projects, including impact driver, oscillating multi-tool, jigsaw, detail sander, router (not the computer product, though), trim saw. yes. you read that right – even jigsaw is covered. it may not be enough for pro use but certainly ample for deployment around the house. combine it with the Figure 8 Wrench, you will have a whole lighter toolbox. seriously, not every avid home improvement folks have the kind of space to store everything single tool and not to mention the money you will save by streamlining your tools collection which could also put a smile on your Mrs. the Black & Decker Modular MATRIX Tool System is expected to be available from October 2012 with a price tag of $49.99 and $69.99 for the 12V and 20V model, respectively, while the corded unit will go for $39.99. as for the cost of the attachment, they ranges from $29 to $39 each.

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