If you are very much into wine, then it is safe to assume you are a person who takes style very seriously and if so, I am confident Sommi Credenza Series Wine Cellar will be right up your alley. Coming from Portland, Oregon startup, Sommi Wine Cellars, Sommi Credenza Series Wine Cellar is a super stylish solution for storing your beloved wine collection without looking all too industrial and depending on the model, it could even serve as a place for you to hang out with your friends. Sommi Credenza Series Wine Bar is the latest product from the outfit and it all started when a client requested to turn the Credenza cellar into a wine bar.

Sommi Credenza Series Wine Bar

Made out of 100-year-old barn wood reclaimed from an old barn, Sommi Credenza Series Wine Bar comes with under-the-counter refrigerated compartments capable of storing up to 156 bottles of spirits and wines, accessible from both sides, and boasts steel hardware hand-forged in Bend, Oregon, as well as stashing stemware for everything from Champagne to Pinot Noir. The result is stellar and it rightly falls into the you-know-its-a-beauty-when-you-see-one category. Among the numerous hat tips we received each day, this one kind of stands out.

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When we first lay eyes on it, we knew we have to share it with you folks. As for the price, well, it is by request, simply because Credenza Wine Bar is totally customizable, but I am not going to lie; it is not going to be affordable since the smaller Credenza Cellar (which is also customizable, btw) already commands a based price $9,950. Anyways, if you have the financial muscle to flex and loves wine, well, then this could be it.

Sommi Credenza Series Wine Bar

Sommi Credenza Series Wine Bar

Images courtesy of Sommi Wine Cellars/Blackstone Edge Studios.

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