Dropping the kids at the pool is when you are getting actual me-time, and so, I am not sure if I will appreciate another person – whether or not the person is a statue or not – in the same space if I am doing the deed. However, it appears that there are folks out there who choose to custom toilet featuring their favorite superheroes. So, yeah. Superhero toilets are a thing. I suspect it (superhero toilet bowls) may have been a thing for quite some years now.

Custom Superhero Toilet Bowls
Take a heroic dump…

Photos of these wonderful (debatable, btw) custom superhero toilets have been making the round on the Internet. In addition to toilets that have a bust or a full statue between the bowl and the water closet, there are those without, such as a toilet with Captain America’s shield and an almost regular toilet setup with Superman graphics. I think those are what most people can accept but I guess there are toilet users who don’t mind Thor looking down on them while they do their number 1 or 2.

There is also a transparent bowl with an image of Superman’s legs in tip-toe pose and just a graphic of the man of steel’s chest on the WC. There is also a couple of Hulk design. One of them is just plain angry while another looks like it is taking an incredible dump.

Custom Superhero Toilet Bowls
… take a patriotic dump…

We do not know the origin of these custom toilets. So if you do, do drop us a note and let us on the background. I suspect they are custom by different companies. Anyhoo, you can have a look at the photos posted on Instagram as well as on Reddit.

Custom Superhero Toilet Bowls
… take a sticky dump…
Custom Superhero Toilet Bowls
… or take a very angry dump…

Images via Instagram (@pubity/@fasmarvelbrasil)/Reddit (u/Parsec).

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