there are a lot of products out there that make us want to exclaim “shut up and take our money” and the Ping Pong Coffee Table by Huzi Design is one such objects. as the name proposed, it is a coffee table that doubles as a mini-size ping pong table to keep you entertained in your living room. it is pretty small though, measuring 76 x 36 x 41 cm, which means your game of table tennis could be pretty strenuous cos’ half of the time you’d be withholding the temptation to smack the ball right across. if ball game isn’t your cuppa, its chalkboard surface should offer some pretty doodling fun too. just make sure you don’t mix the chalk power with the coffee or tea.

the table is crafted from red oak plywood and each table comes with a pair of tablet tennis paddle, a ball, plus chalk and eraser. if you love to get yourself one, head on to Huzi webstore to put in your order, but be warn that it will cost quite a bit. expect it to put you back at $499 and that’s excluding the shipping and handling. a couple more look after the break.

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Ping Pong Coffee Table by Huzi Design

Ping Pong Coffee Table by Huzi Design

Huzi via The Awesomer

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