Samsung Smart Tango Corner Cleaner Robotic Vacuum

Samsung Smart Tango Corner Cleaner Robotic Vacuum
the recently wrapped up 2013 International CES is not just about gizmos and gadgets, it is also the stage for advanced home appliances such as the Samsung Smart Tango Corner Cleaner Robotic Vacuum. like all robotic vacuum cleaners, the Smart Tango still maintains the ‘traditional’ circular design but adds a pair of “pop-up brushes”, enabling the robotic vacuum to whip our dirt and debris from those otherwise hard-to-reach corners. do not confuse the “pop-up brushes” with the regular brushes that most (in fact, all) robotic vacuum will have. those ‘regular’ brushes are shot ‘whips’ that might not reach as far as the tough corners are, which where the Smart Tango’s “pop-up brushes” will execute the trick. other than that, there aren’t much information available even after the show. in any case, it shouldn’t differ much from a regular robotic vacuum but then again, we are always impressed by the Korean electronics giant’s ability to combine form, functionality and technology into one beautiful package. we will be waiting for more information to be spilled, along with its pricing and availability. however, with the last one model going for more than a grand, it is safe to say that this new baby won’t be anywhere near cheap. some larger views and a video of the Samsung Smart Tango Corner Cleaner Robotic Vacuum in action at the CES last week.

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