Jetboil Stash Camping Cooking System

Cooking while camping is not hard. But man, the space those cooking equipment requires is ridiculous and don’t get us started with the weight they put on the back.

Jetboil Stash Camping Cooking System

However, with the all-new Stash cooking system from Jetboil, it will not take a whole lot of space and it most certainly won’t break the back. At just 7.1 oz (that’s mere 201 in gram!), the 0.8L Stash is 40% lighter than Jetboil’s lightest stove and it did so without sacrificing functionality.

This handsome camping cooking system includes a titanium burner and a 0.8L (27.1 fl. oz.) FluxRing cook pot that, by the virtual of FluxRing technology, is capable of rapidly boil water in 2.5 minutes.

Jetboil Stash Camping Cooking System

Key features include a nesting design for compact storage, folding pour handle, fuel stabilizer, and the cook pot comes with a lid and room for storing the 100g JetPower Fuel Canister.

If you want one, you can pre-order it from Jetboil website for US$129.95. Delivery is expected to start on March 1st.

Before you do that, you may want to check out a review by Adam Ruggiero of GearJunkie.

Images: Jetboil.

Source: GearJunkie.