USPS Star Wars Droids Stamp Collection

Droids are important part of the Star Wars universe and so are stamps in our world – even in this digital age. That said, I find it fitting for Star Wars to find its way to USPS stamps – even though in the galaxy far, far away, they may not have a such thing called ‘stamp’ (or do they???).

USPS Star Wars Droids Stamp Collection

Anywho, United States Postal Service has announced new Star Wars stamp collection inspired by the droids from the Star Wars universe. From the the droids that started it all, C-3PO and R2-D2, to the droids of recent years, K-2SO and BB-8, the USPS Star Wars Droids Stamp Collection has it all.

Each of this character-inspired stamps are shown against backgrounds representing settings of memorable adventures. The selvage features a passage form the floating Cloud City above the planet Bespin as seen in the Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, for example.

USPS Star Wars Droids Stamp Collection

In addition to being a collectible, the stamps have a larger mission. These droids are chosen as a nod to the work of Lucasfilm and its parent company, Disney, in supporting STEM learning across the U.S. Lucasfilm, if you don’t already know, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

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USPS Star Wars Droids Stamp Collection is set to drop in Spring.

This is not the first time Star Wars have made its way to stamps. TBH, I find the ones from Royal Mail from a few years ago look better.

Images: USPS.

Source: Laughing Squid.