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Forever 21 Launches Bizarre USPS-branded Apparels

It looks like Forever 21 is joining the wacky apparels trend with this unlikely collaboration with U.S. Postal Service. Wait. Let me check the date. OK. We are safe. This ain’t no April Fool’s Day prank. This is 100 percent real. If you are so incline, you can now wear USPS proudly offered by Forever 21 USPS Capsule Collection. The collection covers a wide variety of styles of apparel featuring vintage USPS logos and designs from the 70s, the 80s and the 90s. Continue reading Forever 21 Launches Bizarre USPS-branded Apparels

Jimi Hendrix Forever Stamp

it is not like legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix needed anything for us to remember by, but it is still nice to know that the rock icon of the 20th century has been further immortalized in USPS Jimi Hendrix Forever Stamp. the Jimi Hendrix Forever Stamp kicks off the 2014 Music Icons series, following the 2013 series featuring Johnny Cash, Ray Charles and Lydia Mendoza. the stamp is the work of art by artist Rudy Gutierrez, featuring a vibrant, colorful design that we can’t help but to feel a little woodstocky. the stamp not only evoke the movement and rhythm of the late singer-guitarist, but also pays homage to the psychedelic rock era of the 1960s.

The stamp pane, designed to resemble a vintage 45 rpm record sleeve, features a painting of Hendrix’s face surrounded by colorful swirls and small icons that reference song lyrics or aspects of Hendrix’s life. The various icons include flowers, a guitar, a mermaid and a butterfly. The stamp art shows Hendrix in performance, wearing one of his trademark vintage military jackets and playing one of his beloved white Fender Stratocaster guitars.

the Jimi Hendrix Forever Stamp is available through USPS web store, along with a series of commemorative merchandize and philatelic products, including Press Sheet with or without die-cuts, First Day Cover, FDC full sheet, First Day Cancelled Full Sheet, T-Shirt with FDC and more. the basic comes in the form of sheet of 16, retailing for $7.94.

Jimi Hendrix Forever Stamp - Digital Color Post Mark