Bell & Ross x Bollinger Motors BR 03

We just received words that Bell & Ross is teaming up with New York-based electric car maker, Bollinger Motors, on a new timepiece based on the Bell & Ross BR 03. OK. Maybe not. TBH, we are not entirely sure. There isn’t much to go around at this point.

Bell & Ross x Bollinger Motors BR 03

What we have now is a bunch of marketing mambo jumbo, but man, we are pumped about the prospect of a Bell & Ross x Bollinger Motors collab. From what have gathered, the BR 03-94 did appear in the marketing materials. So it could be the watch (with an alternate a rugged nylon strap, perhaps?).

However, it is not clear if there will be a watch at all, or if it is just purely a marketing partnership. In any case, whether it is pure marketing or a watch, it makes total sense. The Bollinger B1, including the recent pickup truck variant, is squarer than a Rubik’s cube and so is the BR 03, and that makes them a match made in heaven.

Bell & Ross x Bollinger Motors BR 03

Apparently, Bruno Belamich, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Bell & Ross, was captivated by the square-off lines of the B1 when he first laid eyes on it. He reportedly said “if the BR 03 were a car, it (the B1) would be it.” He added that “the Bollinger B1 is to automobile what the BR 03 is to watchmaking: a 100% utility object designed by engineered for extreme thrill-seekers.

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But wait, BR 03 isn’t as tough as G-Shock and tough is what extreme adventures are about, innit? Hmmm… never mind that, we are stoked nevertheless.

If you are keen to know what will turn out from this collaboration, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Bell & Ross’ Instagram page where the luxury watch maker will post updates on this project.

All images courtesy of Bell & Ross.