The pandemic may have limit you from jet setting everywhere in your exclusive private jet, but you may be able to feel like you are in your private jet with the Embraer Paradigma Chair.

Embraer Paradigma Chair

Embraer is, of course, the luxury private jet maker, recently noted for its Porsche bundle “deal”, the Duet. The company’s Design Ops team have lent their magic in making super luxe aircraft interior to design an office chair called Embraer Paradigma Chair.

In case anyone’s wondering, ‘paradigma’ is Portuguese for, well, paradigm. There’s no question that the Embraer Paradigma Chair is a sleek, luxurious chair that oozes with the spirit of luxury private jet.

Rightfully so because, the floating design was inspired by some of the brand’s most inspirational interior cabin appointments, specifically the Embraer Executive Jets Pulse concept. The latter has seating featuring a sew style inspired by the sidewalks of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, originally developed for Bossa Nova interior package for the Praetor and Phenom 300E.

Connecting the Paradigma Chair’s contemporary, private jet kind of ergonomic seat and a matching contemporary base is a curved wood shell covered in veneer. The curved wood and veneer lends a touch of warm to an otherwise cold contemporary piece.

The chair isn’t just a looker; it is high-tech too. A series of backlit capacitive switches located on the side of seat lets user adjust the seat position. The chair is able to track and swivel, and while it may not look like it, there’s even height adjustment too. No words if this chair will be made or how much will it cost if it makes into production.

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Images: Embraer.

Source: design milk.

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