Funko Pop! line of vinyl figures inspired by one of Netflix’s biggest shows this year, Squid Game, is happening. So far, six 3.75-inch Funko Pop! vinyl figures were revealed, each figure is inspired by one of the key characters in the series.

Funko Netflix’s Squid Game Pop! Vinyl Figures

The characters in the Funko Netflix’s Squid Game Pop! Vinyl Figures include Oh II-nam Player 001, Sae-byeok Player 067, Abdul Ali Player 199, Cho Sang-Woo Player 218, Seong Gi-Hun Player 456, and a Squid Game Masked Worker.

The player characters are presented in the signature green tracksuit and in the case of the worker, in the striking hot pink suit.

Each playful, Q version of the characters features a gesture, post, or detail from the show. For example, Player 456 can be seen holding a tin of dalgona candy, while Abdul Ali has a bag of marbles (more like pebbles!) hanging off his neck and Player 218 aka Sang-woo has a cloth tag number ’14’ he wore during the glass bridge game.

Funko Netflix’s Squid Game Pop! Vinyl Figures

Obviously, unlike the creepy doll we saw previously, these figures are officially licensed merchandise.

The Funko Netflix’s Squid Game Pop! Vinyl Figures figures are set to be released in March-May 2022. You can pre-order the figures now from Entertainment Earth or Amazon for US$11.99 a pop. Note: you can buy all 6 figures as a set from Entertainment Earth for US$64.99 and save yourself about a dollar on each figure.

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Images: Funko.

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