Ace Toyz Squid Game-inspired Vinyl Figure

Netflix’s Squid Game was an unexpected hit. As a result, the Internet can’t stop talking about it for weeks. The South Korean Battle Royale-style series has also inspired a slew of memes.

Ace Toyz Squid Game-inspired Vinyl Figure

Despite its popularity, the series does not appear to have any officially licensed toys. When we said toy, we are referring to the spooky “Red Light, Green Light” Younghee doll from the very first game where half of the “participants” were wiped out.

However, we heard some outfits are in the process of making the infamous doll, albeit in a more manageable size. The latest to join the frenzy, or as some would say “striking while the iron is hot” (if the iron is still hot, that is), is Ace Toyz’s Squid Game-inspired Vinyl Figure.

Ace Toyz Squid Game-inspired Vinyl Figure

The product, called The Game Vinyl Doll because it is not an officially licensed item, is a fairly accurate representation of the creepy doll from the show. It towers at an impressive 60 cm (24 inches) tall and has 3 points of articulation, including the head, arms, and shoulders.

Though it really needs just a single point of articulation which is the head, if we are going to be show-accurate.

Ace Toyz Squid Game-inspired Vinyl Figure

The product is expected to drop sometime in Q1 of 2022 and it costs a wallet-busting US$228 from Lion Rock Toyz.

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However, we found that a Singapore-based online toy store is taking pre-order for US$180 plus shipping.

Featured image: Ace Toyz/Netflix.

Images: Instagram (@ace.toyz).