Hasbro has recently revealed a new line of Transformers toys that we thought deserved a shout-out. Why? Well, they aren’t repaint, redeco, or retooled toys. What a surprise, eh?

Transformers Generations Legacy Figure Line G2 Optimus Prime
Transformers Generations Legacy Series Leader G2 Universe Laser Optimus Prime

The new line, called Transformers Generations Legacy Figure Line, brings together fan-favorite characters from across the Transformers multiverse with deco-inspired by their universe with an updated Generations design.

Basically, what this means is, fan-favorite Transformers characters from across the Transformers universe, ranging from G1 to Transformers Prime presented in the same design language. For those who don’t already know, that has never been done before. It has been one universe, one line of toys. Anyhoo… the result is one heck of a good-looking figure.

Kicking off the new line are Transformers Generations Legacy Voyager Prime Universe Bulkhead (US$31.99), Transformers Generations Legacy Deluxe Kickback (US$22.99), Transformers Generations Legacy Deluxe Prime Universe Arcee (US$22.99), Transformers Generations Legacy Deluxe Decepticon Dragstrip (US$22.99), Transformers Generations Legacy Deluxe Autobot Skids (US$22.99), and Transformers Generations Legacy Series Leader G2 Universe Laser Optimus Prime (US$52.99).

The aforementioned first wave of Transformers Generations Legacy figures is available to order on Hasbropulse.com and other major online toy retailers with a starting price of US$22.99.

However, last checked, several models have already sold out. So I guess we gotta wait for it to hit the shelves then?

Images: Hasbro.

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