Google search has grown so big that it has a team that specializes in creating temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepages to commemorate holidays, events, achievements and notable historical figures. Yes. That thing that most of us wouldn’t have paid attention anyways. It is called Google Doodle. Today’s Doodle is a little special and the first for Google. Today is the day when Baroque period composer extraordinaire, Johann Sebastian Bach, was born.

To mark this day, Google Doodle Team has created an AI-powered Google Doodle that lets you chip your musical talent and get mixed up with Bach’s composition. Very interesting and fun. ‘Fun’ because, I personally tried it. Little did I know I have a talent of compose a sweet tune. Just kidding. It was terrible. But I will let you be the judge. You can hear “my composition” touched by Bach (well, AI Bach, that is) HERE. You can, if you so desire, also try your hands on this cool Google Doodle.

“Today we celebrate world renowned German composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach with our first ever AI-powered Doodle! Made in partnership with the Google Magenta and Google PAIR teams, the Doodle is an interactive experience encouraging players to compose a two measure melody of their choice. With the press of a button, the Doodle then uses machine learning to harmonize the custom melody into Bach’s signature music style (or a Bach 80’s rock style hybrid if you happen to find a very special easter egg in the Doodle…:)).”

If you are interested, there is a Behind the Doodle: Celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach video which you learn how all this first-ever AI-powered Google Doodle was created.

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Image: Google.

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