Here Are A Few Of New High-tech Home Products From Samsung

If high-tech home products are your thing, you will be pleased to learn about a bunch of new high-tech home products from Samsung. In addition to the company’s bread butter (i.e. phones, refrigerators, and TVs), there’s a new cordless stick vacuum, a faucet, a ridiculously wide microwave oven and an induction range.

LG Brings InstaView To Oven, Lets You Knock On Glass To See Inside

LG had this crazy idea of letting you “see-through” a fridge which turns out to be not so crazy after all for those with money to drop. Now, the company is bringing this technology, called InstaView, to oven too. Well, kind of.

Everdure 4K Is Probably The Most High-Tech Outdoor Grill You Have Seen

If you believe in cooking in style, well then we are very sure you will want to check out the cooking grill called 4K from Everdure by Heston Blumenthal. Heston Blumenthal is, of course, the British celebrity chef and owner of three Michelin stars The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire, the U.K.

Kombuis Portable Stove/Cooking Set Is The Start Of Camping Light

Travel light does usually apply to camping, but if you want to, here’s a thing to get your started: By Arnaud Kombuis Portable Stove/Cooking Set. When not in use, everything you need to cook, boil water and whatnot is nested into a compact cookware that weighs just 1 kg (2.2 lbs). With Kombuis, you get […]

Morphcooker Is Fire-free Cooking So You Can Stop Starting Bush Fire

Cooking in the wild is fun, but the fire is not. However, you can’t cook without fire, is it not? Well, actually, yes you can, if you have the Morphcooker, the world’s first electric camp stove. Fire risk? There’s none, at all. The stove itself can be collapsed to just 18 mm thick and it […]

iKamper EatOut: An Outdoor Kitchen That Fits Right Into A Car’s Trunk

First, it wants you to sleep on your car’s roof, away from the creepy crawlies and now, iKamper wants you enjoy a hearty meal without bringing loads after loads of gears. Meet iKamper EatOut, a revolutionary outdoor kitchen-in-a-box. Now, we wouldn’t use ‘revolutionary’ frivolously. It really is revolutionary because, you can now enjoy eating in […]

BioLite FirePit Does Smokeless Wood-burning Without Dangerous Propane

BioLite, the purveyor of all-thing camping, is back with a new tool that will revitalize how you camp forever. The company has reimagined how a campfire should be with BioLite FirePit, a high-tech take of the age-old camping essential. First and foremost, FirePit is a versatile fire pit that can keep your warm, cook your […]

Samsung Induction Stove Has Fake Flames to Tell You How Hot it is

If the lack of visual cues on an induction stove has been stopping you from diving into one, then perhaps, Samsung’s new Slide-in Induction Chef Collection Range with Flex Duo Oven (with a ridiculously long model number, NE58H9970WS) can help. The problem with induction stove is obvious. There are no flames to cue if it […]

EcoZoom Zoom Dura Cookstove Keeps Its Cool So You Don’t Get Burn When Cooking

there are cookstove and there are cookstove that is conscious about the environment, and the EcoZoom Zoom Dura Cookstove is a beautiful example of the latter. it is fueled by wood and other dry solid biomass you scavenged from around the wilderness and it has a refractory metal lined burning chamber that is resistant to […]