Travel light does usually apply to camping, but if you want to, here’s a thing to get your started: By Arnaud Kombuis Portable Stove/Cooking Set. When not in use, everything you need to cook, boil water and whatnot is nested into a compact cookware that weighs just 1 kg (2.2 lbs). With Kombuis, you get a stove, a pot, a lid that is also a frying pan – all crafted from 304 stainless steel and in a compact package measures 16 cm (6.3″) tall and 12 cm (4.7″) wide when assembled.

By Arnaud Kombuis Portable Stove/Cooking Set

According to Belgium graduate of industrial product design, Arnaud Desseyn, the brainchild of this super cool outdoor cookware, Kombuis is a Dutch word for galley on a ship, and in Dutch, “kom” and “buis” means bowl and tube which are what it really is; the bowl, in this instance, is the pot, while the tube is the stove. Speaking of the stove, it is actually kind of neat.

By Arnaud Kombuis Portable Stove/Cooking Set

Also the biggest part of the setup, the stove form the base of Kombuis and features a half grill and a hole at its side where fuel is introduced. If I may say, that’s actually quite ingenious. The frying pan/lid also deserves a special mention because it has a spout that enables easy draining of any liquid. Sweet. Obviously, the Kombuis is not going to feed an army, but a man’s (or woman’s) adventure, it should be sufficient, and it is clearly the signal to the start of camping light.

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With such a clever design and sleek look, it is really no surprise that By Arnaud Kombuis Portable Stove/Cooking Set has gotten much love on Kickstarter where nearly 500 backers contributed almost $60K to bring the product to life. The campaign has 14 more days to go and so, if you are keen, you may want to consider backing it to secure a unit for next outdoor adventure. A contribution of €80-85 (around US$99-105) will get you a unit, destined for July 2018 delivery.

Images: By Arnaud.

Kickstarter via The Awesomer.

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