Recently, a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter peddling sustainable shoes from a Spaniard startup piqued our interest. Now, sustainable footwear is not new, but if you look around, they are often quite pricey and that is one of the reason why we are drawn to the Wado Sustainable Sneakers. And being a person who grew up in the 80s, Wado sure has my attention because, it is has a very 80s vibe to it. The company’s first sneaker, MODELO 89, features a retro shape and colors quite often seen on footwear of the 80s, particularly tennis shoes.

One look, you know these sneakers are a blast from the past, well, at least the design is. Each pair is off-white base color and a choice of five accent colors, and while it may be decidedly 80s, this pair of footwear is a lot more eco-conscious and ethical than sneakers available in the 80s. For starter, it is make from “bioleather,” which is a chemical-free treatment of reused leather. In other words, unlike typical tanneries, no harmful chemicals like chromium is being use which means, it not only safeguard the health of the shoemakers, but also the manufacturing process will not harm the environment.

Wado Sustainable Sneakers Inspired by the 1980s

In addition, Wado will plant two trees in the northeast region of India for every pair of Wado sold. Deforestation is a serious issue and so, it is nice to see a young company taking lead to help regrow what Earthlings have consumed, even though their manufacturing process is not directly responsible for the large scale loss of trees. The shoes are being made in a small shoe-making factory in Felgueiras, in the neighbor country, Portugal, with fair wages and remuneration, said Wado, and therefore, apart from being sustainable, the shoes are also made ethically.

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Wado Sustainable Sneakers Inspired by the 1980s

Key features of Wado MODELO 89 include 80s-popular breathing holes, reinforced toecap, rubber outsole, debossed logo, fabric interior, and a not-so-80s design touch, cork label, on the tongue. When the campaign was launched this month (March), it was swiftly funded in less than 24 hours. It is of no surprise, really, because this pair of kicks does do look pretty damn fabulous. Anywho, if you are up it, you can chip in €69-79 (roughly US$86-98) to secure a pair. Delivery is expected to happen in June 2018. Skip ahead for the pitch video to learn more.

Wado Sustainable Sneakers Inspired by the 1980s

Wado Sustainable Sneakers Inspired by the 1980s

All images courtesy of Wado.

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