originally released back in 1984 as running shoes for the Boston marathon, now updated and re-released in 2013 as the Adidas Consortium Boston Super OG which we understand is geared towards casual wearing. makes sense, running technology has progressed leaps and bounds (sometimes literally) and ‘older tech’ certainly don’t benefit our feet as much but that doesn’t make them any less appealing as far as fashion is concerned. this beautiful kicks maintains the classic styling of the originals but now features a mix of suede, nylon ripstop and leather in the uppers. as you might have expected, these reboots caught eyes with their totally awesome colorways. speaking of which, two colorways are actually available and they are grey/blue and blue/yellow. the Adidas Consortium Boston Super OG are available now through select retailers. we didn’t quite search for their availability online and so, we are going to go with Cool Material‘s recommended e-retailer, which happens to be Kith NYC whom are retailing them for $125 a pair. though it is worthy to note that the smallest size for the blue/yellow stands at 10, while the awesome grey/blue is currently available from size 7 and up. US sizing, of course. click through for a few more look, courtesy of Kith NYC.

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