night cycling has its inherent risk but the Monkey Light Pro Bicycle Wheel Display System by MonkeyLectric will make sure you will always be visible, very visible at all times and having fun while doing so. or was it the other way round? so what exactly is the Monkey Light Pro? well, it is a set of LED light attachment for you standard bicycle wheels, turning them into rolling semi-transparent displays at speed above 10 mph (15 km/h). which are viewable from both sides. it is IP55 rated for resistance against water and is constructed largely out of durable solid rubber. the contraption consists of 256 ultra-bright full color LEDs for a full color circular display that spans 70 pixel in diameter. the device itself comes pre-loaded with custom artwork from move than 10 artists to get your started, but custom images and animations can also be easily downloaded to the Monkey Light Pro wirelessly via Bluetooth. you can even create a playlists of your favorite images and/or animations to be cycled through while you cycle along.

other features include vibration-proof mount, built-in rechargeable lithium battery for up to 8 hours of usage, built-in sensor for a stabilized full wheel display, and most importantly, it comes with stainless steel anti-theft strap to prevent this $495 and up device from being bagged away by criminal minds. it is hard to describe how awesome the Monkey Light Pro Bicycle Wheel Display System is, but if you would, hit the jump for a super cool video (in fact, the coolest pledge vid we have seen to date) to see it in action. oh btw, the $495 sticker is just for one wheel, so if want a pair, be prepared to shell out more than a grand for them.

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Monkey Light Pro Bicycle Wheel Display System
don’t have a ride? no worries. here’s the 2.5k ready-to-ride option.

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