Nissan has unveiled a somewhat Volvo-ish-looking electric concept at the on-going North America International Auto Show in Detroit. Called Nissan IMs EV Sports Sedan, it is an all-electric, all-wheel drive electric car that boasts a unique “premier seat” 2+1+2 seat arrangement and full autonomous drive capability. The Nissan IMs EV Sports Sedan is driven by dual electric motors that yield 483 horses and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm) of torque, and this electric drivetrain is paired to a 115-kWh battery that affords 380 miles (612 km) range on a single charge.

Nissan IMs EV Sports Sedan

Despite its straight, boxy design, Nissan said its newest EV concept has “excellent aerodynamics,” though no numbers were offer to say how “excellent” the aero is. As with many concepts, electric or not, IMs rolls on really large wheels, which in this instance, are 22-inch items wrapped in very low profile rubbers. It is loaded with many futuristic design features, including holographic rear tail lamps, a B-pillar-less 4-door body structure with reverse-opening rear doors, a special “liquid metal” paint job, a grill-less front fascia, front V-shape lighting design, interior light accents in gold and blue running lights that move from front-to-rear continuously when it is on autonomous drive mode.

Nissan IMs EV Sports Sedan

We love the design. We love how the design is down-to-earth and yet futuristic. However, I am doubtful if the exact same design will be carried to production stage – if it ever see the light of production. Then again, the beauty of concepts is, automakers need to bear the responsibilities for what they have shown because, they are, well, just concepts.

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You can ogle at some of the images we have here, or keep going for several videos, including the official unveiling at NAIAS and also a design walk around video.

All images courtesy of Nissan USA.

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