If you weren’t in the U.S., emotional support animals are a thing when flying. Also known as ESA, emotional support animal is a companion animal (read: pet) that supposedly provides the person it accompany some kind of benefit. It is not new, but flying with it is. Needless to say, this flying with ESA has been abused and caused quite a bit of stir last year.

Anyways, late last year, fast food fried chicken chain Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen took a gleeful stab at the trending (and abused) ‘thing’ with “emotional support chickens” to “help travelers deal with the ‘hardships’ of holiday travel.” But in Popeyes’ instance, the emotional support chickens’ way of providing ‘emotional support’ is by getting into your stomach.

Popeyes Emotional Support Chicken Takeout Box

So, yeah, this emotional support animal is very dead and if we may add, likely very delicious. Not only do you need not to pet it, you will be eating it. Now, how’s that for comfort food? Popeyes’ poke at the abused emotional support animal is made gleeful with Emotional Support Chicken Takeout Box that is a shape of a chicken (well, a boxed chicken, maybe?), complete with a message on the “comforting” effect of Popeyes fried chickens.

Clearly, this is a tongue-in-cheek campaign that puts a smile on most people’s faces. But not everyone is amused, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) who lashes out at Popeyes’ Emotional Support Chicken Takeout Box. But it’s PETA and so, we shall leave it there. We shall say no more. Anyways, moving on…

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We are not sure if this “emotional support chickens” with the fun chicken shape disposable tote is still available, but back in December 2018, it was only available at Philadelphia International Airport exclusively with the purchase of a 3-piece chicken tender combo meal.

Images: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

Source: Forbes/This Is Why I’m Broke.

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