pinhole photography is perhaps the epitome of lo-fi photography, but most pinhole cameras that money can buy are either downright unsightly, or not as solidly built as one might have liked. however, that’s not the case with the ONDU Pinhole Cameras. each of this super analog camera is handcrafted from locally-sourced (in this case, it’s in Slovenia) chestnut and maple wood, and features a basic but elegant form, complete with near-perfect rounded corners. lo-fi photography is just one aspect of these cameras, the other being its design: it is virtually void of screws, with the exception of a lone example that’s use to hinge the shutter. the rest of the camera, including the film winder, are held in place with super strong magnets embedded into the camera. as of now, ONDU has six formats to offer and they are 135 Pocket Pinhole, 135 Panoramic Pinhole, 6×6 Pocket Pinhole, 6×12 Multiformat Pinhole, 4″x5″ Pinhole, and a limited edition Sliding Box Pinhole. these ONDU Pinhole Cameras are currently offered through ONDU’s Kickstarter campaign and it can be yours to own for just $60 and up. check out the pledge video (accompanied by a seriously delightful 70s-style soundtrack) below to learn more.

ONDU via Gear Hungry

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