What Can Teach You The Basics Of Camera Better Than A Book That’s Literally A Camera?

Books on camera/photography are a dime a dozen, but nothing teaches you the basic principles of photography better than a book that’s literally a camera. This Book Is A Camera, published by Museum of Modern Art, is exactly that. It is a book on camera and it is also a camera. In other words, this …

Awesome DIY Pinhole Potato Camera Literally Takes “Potato Quality” Images

Badly taken photographs are often referred to as “potato quality” which I thought is an insult to the starchy, tuberous crops because potatoes are actually much sought after as far as gastronomy is concerned. Seriously, you don’t find other starchy crops turned into French Fries, do you? Thus, I rest my case. Granted, the look …

VIDDY Is A Working, Flatpack Pinhole Camera That You Can Put Together In 30 Minutes

we have, at one point in time, been exposed to the fundamental of imaging through DIY pinhole camera, but those examples your school teacher once taught you, were merely child’s play. with the VIDDY DIY Cardboard Pinhole Camera Kit, you will have another chance to do it right and this time, you will get to …

ONDU Pinhole Cameras

pinhole photography is perhaps the epitome of lo-fi photography, but most pinhole cameras that money can buy are either downright unsightly, or not as solidly built as one might have liked. however, that’s not the case with the ONDU Pinhole Cameras. each of this super analog camera is handcrafted from locally-sourced (in this case, it’s in Slovenia) chestnut and maple

Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera Kit

when we think lo-fi analog photography, we think Lomography or Holga. that’s no brainer, however, if you are ready take your love for lo-fi, analog photography a notch higher, then the Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera Kit is the perfect camera for you. like any good old twin-lens reflex camera, you shoot from your hip while looking down

this is a real working DIY Hasselblad pinhole camera

if you think there’s something odd about the camera featured here, you are right. what you see here is a real working 120-mm film pinhole camera made out of screen-printed corrugated cardboard – in a Hasselblad design. pretty sleek, eh? check out a couple of photos taken by this Hasselblad pinhole camera after the break.