you must be thinking: “what the heck on earth is a social music player?” the truth is, we have absolutely no idea until we hear from the horse’s mouth. still, we are not convinced on this part of the ‘feature’ that Logitech is trying to put forward, but other than that, we are suitably impressed. aesthetically, it is most certainly youthful and eye-catching but it is of course, more than just all looks, which brings us to the question: how social can a music player gets? surely it can’t go on and make friends on its own. true that it can’t, but you certainly can take advantage of its 360-degree sound so that the tunes go out to everyone around it, and not just a person or two facing the speaker (read: not being selfish, hence ‘sociable’). additionally, two devices can be connected to it at the same time, allowing you and your friends to take turn to play DJ (again, it is more than just about you and so its considered ‘sociable’) and best of all, it can wirelessly hook up with another UE Boom to create a stereo sound system for an even bigger jam (yet again, a ‘party’ means total ‘sociability’) via a free UE Boom app (available for both iOS and Android devices).

other features include a 15-hour rechargeable battery, a plasma coating that makes it impervious to water and stains, wireless streaming from up to 50 feet away, built-in NFC for tap-to-connect with NFC-enabled devices, speakerphone functionality, and a sleek, cylindrical design that allows for versatile placements. and did we mention it has enormous volume keys? the UE Boom Social Music Player comes in six color options and is available now in US and Europe for $199.99 each. select Asia countries will be seeing it sometime this June.

Ultimate Ears via GimmeDigital

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