UE Boom Social Music Player

UE Boom Social Music Player

you must be thinking: “what the heck on earth is a social music player?” the truth is, we have absolutely no idea until we hear from the horse’s mouth. still, we are not convinced on this part of the ‘feature’ that Logitech is trying to put forward, but other than that, we are suitably impressed. aesthetically, it is most certainly youthful and eye-catching

Logitech UE Headphones

we will be honest: most of us do not possess acute hearing senses as far as audiophile sound is concern but we do know a good pair of cans (or buds) when hear one. that being the case, we often go after a good, reliable brand as our selection criteria and starts listening – after which, we narrow them further by its look and we think we got ourselves a few…

Logitech UE Boomboxes and Radio

gone were the days where audiophiles are sentenced to their confine of their living room. thanks to the advancement in various technologies, including advanced Bluetooth technology, audiophile can now enjoy their favorite tunes when they are out and about. the latest to join this vast market of portable audiophile-grade gadgets is Logitech UE’s new line of…