well, what do you know? the French synth-pop duo is back with a new album called Random Access Memories and its album cover art seems to serve as a reminder of the duo’s totally rad helmets (you know, the Lost In Space era kind of sci-fi-ish head gear?). they are practically icons of the French duo and we would imagine its hard for any Daft Punk fans not wanting to have one. in fact, if you have like 500 bucks to drop, you could actually have one – albeit an unofficial item, but it is no less awesome. its creator, Mexico-based Etsy seller (Maz Power Props), Mauricio Santoro made one of these for halloween and decided to share this love with whoever have the cash to spare. based on band member Thomas Bangalter’s helmet, it features a chrome out urethane plastic construction, a tinted Lexan visor, a removable LED message scroller – fully programmable on a PC via USB, and comes supplied with chrome glove plates and a black balaclava to cover your neck. well, that’s as far as this kit goes, anything below the neck is yours to imagine and create. boogie past the jump for a few more look at this awesome helmet, or scroll down for a super cool official “unboxing” of the Random Access Memories video.

Etsy via Cool Material

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