If you love having a beer along with dipped chips, I am confident that you will be swooned over by this woodworking creation by carpenter Matt Thompson Woodworks (@thompsonwoodworks). Matt Thompson Woodworks did not offer any information beyond a video posted on Instagram but after watching the video, I guess we don’t need words.

Matt Thompson Woodworks Beer, Chips, and Sauce Holder

Matt Thompson Woodworks has created a gimbal beer, chips, and sauce holder. The holder has a vertical handle much like a mug, It has two sections. The first section is the handle section which has a cut-out to hold a can of beer and the second section has cutouts for a box for chips (or whatever snack of your choosing) and next to it is a final cutout for a box for the dipping sauce.

With this invention, you can have a sip while holding the chips and the sauce all with one hand. Pretty cool, right? The only thing you cannot do is dip the chip and eat it with one hand. For this, your other hand has to get to work.

Matt Thompson Woodworks Beer, Chips, and Sauce Holder

To fully appreciate Matt’s creation, we suggest that you hit up his Instagram post. While you are there, be sure to check out Matt’s other awesome and sometimes crazy woodwork creations.

Images: Instagram (@thompsonwoodworks).

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