We have played and loved Super Mario and we know for certain that it will live on for generations to come, but what did not expect was, it could live on in physical form. Folks, meet the LEGO Super Mario play experience.

LEGO Super Mario is neither a video game nor a traditional LEGO set. It is a new product line with an entirely new way to play with LEGO. It features an interactive LEGO Mario figure that you will physically move to collect coins in real-life game levels created with LEGO bricks.

LEGO Super Mario Play Experience

So, yes! Kids (or you) will have to build their (or your) own game level lined with obstacles like the iconic green pipes, threatening Goomba, mystery box and more. It will be a game of Super Mario like we never experience before.

The buildable world’s famous plumber features a miniature computer of sort with a screen on the chest. Presumably, the figure will have sensor(s) of sort so that when the hero come into contact with certain elements, there will be reaction expressed on said screen. Plus, it has, what we believe to be LCD for eyes that allows for expression (unfortunately, no moving mustache).

LEGO Super Mario Play Experience

We noted that there’s Bluetooth in the mix too, but what it is use for is not clear. In fact, information is scarce, but there’s a video at the end of the post that should give you a taste of how the LEGO Mario is going to play out.

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LEGO Mario is set to arrive later this year. Until then, this is what we know.

Not going to lie. The child in me is jumping with excitement and kicking Goombas around. Dear Mario, our old friend, we finally meet again, but this time, you are pixelated 2D character no more; you are a tangible, blocky 3D dude.

All images courtesy of LEGO.

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