Pizza Hut x IKEA Table And Pizza

Pizza saver. One of the world’s most important inventions that no one talks about. This “tiny table” that comes with each take out pizza have quietly saved countless pizzas from being ruin by collapsing cardboard.

Speaking of table, Hong Kong folks who appreciate the tiny pizza-saving object will be able to buy a life-size Pizza Saver for use as a regular table – possibly for the new Pizza Hut x IKEA Pizza featuring, you guessed it, IKEA’s very own, world renowned Swedish Meatballs.

Now, tell me if that is not a wondrous collaboration. Food and furniture that reminds pizza lover of their favorite food. Perfetto! *muacks*

The life-size pizza saver table, called Säva, is real and it is apparently available at select locations in Hong Kong. As for the Pizza Hut x IKEA Pizza, it can be ordered from Pizza Hut Hong Kong.

For completeness sake, each Pizza Hut x IKEA Pizza will come packaged with a Säva – the tiny one, of course – in the special edition pizza box.

Images: Vimeo (Work that works).

Source: Highsnobiety.