KFC And Pizza Hut Pilots Self-driving Meal-On-Wheels In Shanghai, China

While some parts of the world are trialing self-driving transportation, machinery, and self-driving grocery vehicles, Pizza Hut and KFC in Shanghai, China, are piloting a fleet of self-driving cars to serve up fast food to hungry folks roaming the streets.

Pizza Hut And IKEA Teamed Up To Create Life-size Pizza Saver As Functional Furniture

Pizza saver. One of the world’s most important inventions that no one talks about. This “tiny table” that comes with each take out pizza have quietly saved countless pizzas from being ruin by collapsing cardboard.

Some Lucky Folks Get To Order Pizza Hut With This Special Pair Of Sneakers

What would you do If you have a craving for pizza when you are all cosy up at home? Why, pick up a phone and dial for a pizza, of course, but this being 2017, you can also order it online, or with an app, or you can just squeeze the button on the tongue […]

Folks, Pizza Hut UK Wants You To Meet The World’s First Playable DJ Pizza Box

Have you ever felt the need to play DJ while munching on some pizzas? If your answer is yes, then we believe you will totally dig the idea of a playable DJ pizza box. And yes, it is a real thing, brought to you by Pizza Hut UK. Also unfortunately, it looks like it is […]

Pizza Hut Marks Super Bowl’s Golden Anniversary With 24k Golden Pizzas

There are two things you need to know about Pizza Hut in relation to Super Bowl. One, it is not an official sponsor and two, despite the fact stated in ‘one’, Pizza Hut has always enjoy a surge in sale during this one big game day. Also, the fact this year’s Super Bowl Sunday will […]

Pizza Hut Wants You to Watch a Movie with its Delivery Box While Savoring Your Favorite Pizzas

In traditional sense, popcorns and movies go hand-in-hand, but that’s in the theaters. At home, Pizza Hut Hong Kong thinks their pizzas and movies are the way to go and to prove the point, ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Group HK has created a pizza delivery box that can turn into a projector. All it […]