Have you ever felt the need to play DJ while munching on some pizzas? If your answer is yes, then we believe you will totally dig the idea of a playable DJ pizza box. And yes, it is a real thing, brought to you by Pizza Hut UK. Also unfortunately, it looks like it is a U.K. only thing for now. The product, or rather, the box itself, is pretty much self-explanatory: it is regular Pizza Hut’s pizza box with image of a DJ console printed on it. Well, actually, no. It is more than that. The minimalistic, line illustration of a DJ console is totally functional – thanks to the printed electronics by Novalia.

Using Bluetooth technology and powered by battery, this 2D DJ console pairs with your laptop or smartphone and works with a variety of DJ software/apps to allow you to mix up your prefer tunes as you consume the Margherita. Though you choose do it after you have wipe out the pizza too. The choice is yours. Personally, I would rather had my hands washed first, for obvious reason. Being only available to the U.K. market is in itself hard to get and it does not quite help when only five out of 350 UK restaurants will be offering this unique, playable Pizza Hut box in limited quantities.

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If you are in the U.K., you will have a shot but in order for you not to miss it, Pizza Hut UK suggests that you follow them on Twitter so you will be well informed of its availability.

Image: screengrab via Pizza Hut Uk’s YouTube video.

YouTube via Technabob

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