Before you hop on a boat on a trip to the coast of California armed with your Pokémon Go, you have to know that this “googly-eyed stubby squid” is not a rare Pokémon monster. I know, it does look like one and if it was, I wouldn’t want to imagine what it will evolved into. Anywho, this seafloor dwelling cephalopod was spotted off the coast of California at a depth of 2,950 feet (900 meters) by E/V Nautilus during one of its exploration trip. This magnificent and strangely alluring creature was caught on video which also captured the reaction of researchers and scientists who excitedly discuss about whether it was an octopus or a squid and how those eyes look kinda fake (in a cute way, of course). There was even mention that it looks like a kid’s toy.

Obviously, these researchers haven’t been playing Pokémon Go because none of them relates googly-eyed Squidward to the game and that’s utterly blasphemous! I mean, who doesn’t relate any cute creatures with Pokémon? Who??? Everyone should! Wait… Sorry. We apologized for our rudeness. We seriously gotta get a hold of ourselves. Nah, we are just kidding (and you knew, right?). Everyone has the right not to link any animal they see with this year’s biggest rage (more appropriately, craze). Anywho, according to Nautilus’s video description, this cute, purple squid called Rossia pacifica can be found in Northern Pacific of Japan to Southern California (where it was videoed) up to a depth of 980 feet and could possibly dwell as deep as 4,260 feet.

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They generally slings along the seafloor, burrowing themselves into the sediment while keeping their enormous eyes out for their favorite snacks like shrimps and small fishes. And oh, unlike some cute tentacles-equipped cephalopods, they are not poisonous, which is a good thing cos’ you may be tempted to cuddle it when you meet one, though the feeling may not be mutual.

Image: screengrab via E/V Nautilus’ YouTube video.

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