What you see here is the latest robot arm from the robotic company, UFactory. UFactory has come a long way since the days of the articulated lamp-style robot arm. Billed as the “most affordable collaborative robot arm,” the UFactory Lite 6 is a durable and affordable robot arm with industrial-grade accessories.

UFactory Lite 6 Collaborative Robot Arm

In other words, you can be the affordable Tony Stark. Nah. Just kidding. The UFactory Lite 6 ain’t no Dum-E and U. But I am sure it can be modified to put out a fire. Maybe? Jokes aside, the UFactory Lite 6 looks pretty much like the robot arms you see on modern-day factory floors. And may well be, but for lighter repetitive and monotonous tasks.

Key spec-sheet details include 6-axis of movement, 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) payload, 440 mm (17 inches) max reach, 500 mm/s speed, 0.2 mm repeatability, built-in 16-bit absolute encoder, and FOC control algorithm, customized brushless motor, industrial-grade harmonic drive and actuators, and a carbon-fiber construction that made it 50% lighter than other similar robots. It further touts easy programming and a slew of compatible accessories.

UFactory Lite 6 Collaborative Robot Arm

Obviously, the UFactory Lite 6 is not for personal use, but if you have US$1,199 or more to throw around, nobody’s stopping you from getting one or even a few to realize your Tony Stark dream.

As far as applications go, it is wide and varied. It can be rigged to do touchscreen testing and as a robot bar, for example.

UFactory Lite 6 Collaborative Robot Arm

If anyone’s interested, you can learn more about the new UFactory Lite 6 Collaborative Robot Arm over at its Kickstarter campaign page where you can also pre-order a unit for as low as US$1,199.

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All images courtesy of UFactory.

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