Orange Juce Machine 3D Prints Cups

You may remember Italian design firm CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati for its Scribit wall-crawling scribbling robot, among the many other pretty mind-blowing stuff. Well, they have made headlines again, this time for a project it has done for global energy exploration company, ENI.

Orange Juce Machine 3D Prints Cups

The project, called Feel the Peel, is an automated booth/bar-size orange juicer that has 1,500 orange capacity and uses the waste, namely, the peels, and turn it into bioplastic filaments that is then use to 3D print cups to contain the orange juice. Now, there’s clearly no chicken or the egg causality dilemma here.

The orange had to be squashed to get the peels for creating the filament. Anywho, after juicing the orange, the peels are collected, dried and milled into a form that will be use to make the said bioplastic filament which is then use in 3D printing the cups. And it appears that all this is happening from within the contraption you see here.

Orange Juce Machine 3D Prints Cups

On one side of the machine/booth/bar is where the juice is produced and on the other side is where the peels are collected and turned into bioplastic. TBH, I am not quite sure if the entire process is happening within the Pee the Feel juice bar. In any case, I have to admit the whole drinking orange out of oranges idea is a brilliant approach. Too bad that the cup can’t be eaten as well.

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Keep reading to find a video of the Peel the Feel in action.

Images: CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati.

Source: Geekologie.