The post title sounded a little click bait-ish, but rest assure, I am speaking the truth. This is the G3 Jeans from a Japanese brand called FOB Factory, currently being ‘crowdfunded’ on Kojima Genes’ parent website ATRIUM. If you don’t already know, ATRIUM is a unique fashion platform seeking genuine artisan made products from all over the world. It also connect influencers with the brands to collaborate in making special products. Anywho, back to the G3 Jeans.

Toyoda Shuttle Loom-made FOB Factory G3 Jeans

FOB Factory G3 Jeans is a very rare pair of denim woven by vintage Toyoda (Toyota) shuttle loom. That’s right. Before getting into the automobile industry, Toyota was involved in making loom for making Japanese denim. Toyota, as you may have guessed, was originally called Toyoda. So, in that sense, I am not click baiting with the title. It is true that G3 Jeans is made with Toyota technology. The jeans was made with the vintage Toyoda “G3” type shuttle loom, originally invented in 1924 by the legend himself, Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota, hence the jeans’ model ‘G3’.

Toyoda Shuttle Loom-made FOB Factory G3 Jeans

“G3” was a legend on its own. It was the world’s first non-stop automatic shuttle once revered as the “Magical Loom.” FOB Factory embarked on a mission to restore the “G3” type shuttle loom just for the purpose of making this denim. Not just the machine that makes this jeans is unique and significant; the vintage machine can only operated by skilled and experienced artisans. And this being a relic of loom, the special denim can only turn out at a rate of 5 yards (4.6 meters) an hour. That’s some serious painstaking work right there and a true artisanal fashion. If you ask me, G3 Jeans is a denim no denim enthusiast should live without.

Toyoda Shuttle Loom-made FOB Factory G3 Jeans
Toyoda “G3” type shuttle loom used to made the denim of the G3 Jeans.

If you count yourself as one denim head, then you may consider pre-ordering the G3 Jeans on ATRIUM for $199. On the same pre-order campaign, you can also find the type II denim jacket going for $239, or you can grab both the G3 and the type II jacket for $390. It is worthy to mention that, you will be able to pick the inseam for the jeans. We are not sure when the order will be fulfilled, but when it does ship, it will be shipped directly from Japan.

Fun fact: the current president of Toyota Motor Corporation, Akio Toyoda, is the Great Grandson of the late Sakichi Toyoda (1867-1930), the founder of Toyota.

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All images courtesy of ATRIUM/FOB Factory.

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