Pintofeed: Smart Pet Feeder

Pintofeed: Smart Pet Feeder
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if you have say, a dog or cat as pet then you would know it is kind of hard to keep to a regular schedule to feed them, especially if you have a busy schedule or when you are on holidays. with the Pintofeed, you will not have to worry about irregular feeding time which could do harm to your beloved pet and with it, you could even have a more active social life like hitting your favorite local watering hole with your buds instead of rushing home everyday after work to feed little Milo. touted as the “first intelligent pet feeder”, the Pintofeed is a WiFi-enabled automated pet feeder that allows you to remotely, via your smartphone, feed your pet. additionally, the machine itself is capable of learning your pet’s typical feeding times and automatically create a schedule to dispense food. several features are put in place to insure that your feeder will not fail and these includes a backup motor, powered by both batteries and/or wall outlet, self-diagnostics and basic self-rectification capability and alerts and notifications alerts through SMS, Twitter, email or Facebook when battery is low or when there’s a motor failure or malfunction situation such as jammed feed. other features include up to 3-month battery life, dishwasher safe, an airtight food repository held in place by industrial grade magnets, detailed feeding notifications via text, Twitter or Facebook, a 5 pounds or 2.7 kilograms capacity food containment (10 lbs as an option), ability to manage more than one Pintofeed from one app and multiple users support. the Pintofeed is currently on INDIE GOGO seeking your support to bring this product to fruition and you can secure yourself one with a pledge of $99 or more but expect shipment to be sometime mid of 2013. check out a pledge video after the break to learn more.

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