Whether you are a vegan, or someone who can’t afford or simply not willing to splurge on caviar, you are going to dig this ‘new kind’ of caviar: Heinz Ketchup Caviar. Heinz Ketchup Caviar is exactly what it says it is. It is caviar, well, kind of, but instead salt-cured roe (i.e. fish eggs) from sturgeons, the little pearls that caviar is recognized by are actually just ketchup.

Didn’t I tell you that they are vegan-friendly? I didn’t lie, did I? It will not just please vegans; the Heinz Ketchup Caviar will please anyone who has a thing for ketchup. Apparently, Heinz has worked with “caviar specialists” to create this exquisite tiny balls of ketchup. Speaking of which, roe are ball form and therefore, they require no additional process to get the shape, but for anything other than roe, be it seaweed or ketchup, it has to be put through a special process to enable it form into little balls.

Heinz Ketchup Caviar Valen-HEINZ Day

However, Heinz did not reveal who exactly they worked with to create this delightful condiment. Neither did they reveal the process used to create the caviar-like shape tomato ketchup. Heinz broke the news on the new product late last month, offering this condiment of exquisite proportion in limited 150 jars in a Valen-HEINZ day sweepstakes.

So, no. You can’t buy it and even more unfortunately is, the dates of the sweepstakes is over. It ended on January 28, 2019. But hey, who knows? If there are enough people making a ding demanding for Heinz Ketchup Caviar, Heinz may relent and make some for the general market? Well, you never know. Seriously, I do love to see this in supermarkets someday.

Images: Heinz.

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