Even though the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR imaging prowess may not stack up to some Android phones, the image quality is no slouch either. iPhonegraphy is very much alive and kicking, and if you want to make the most out of the new iPhones camera, then you may want to check out this sweet accessory, Bitplay Snap Case with Bluetooth Shutter.

Bitplay Snap Case with Bluetooth Shutter

Aesthetically, it is probably the most good looking camera phone case that not only lets you further extends the phone’s imaging capability with the use of optional optics and filters, but it also serves to protect your pricey device from knocks and bumps – thanks to the dual-layer design comprising of a scratch resistant polycarbonate out steel and a shock absorbing TPU layer.

Bitplay Snap Case with Bluetooth Shutter

But what really makes Bitplay Snap Case with Bluetooth Shutter stand out from its competition is the swappable grip. With the included subtly curved grip plate, it affords you with a comfortable hold on the device when shooting. Throw in the optional Snap Grip, you’d have an even more ergonomic and firm hold of the device that you’d forget that you are shooting with a mobile phone.

Bitplay Snap Case with Bluetooth Shutter

The Snap Grip is also home to a universal tripod mounting thread and there’s a removable Bluetooth shutter button too, so you can set the phone as far as 10 meters (33 feet), on a tripod, to take selfies that actually has background. Here’s an overview of the product:

・Light & Tough: Weighing just over 1 ounce while maintaining excellent durability
・Enhanced Protection: Dual-layered PC and TPU material ensures your phone stays safe and secure
・Complete Lens Collection: Works with bitplay’s esteemed add-on lenses
・Wide Compatibility: Fits smartphones 58mm – 85mm wide and up to 12.5mm thick
・Bluetooth Connectivity: Once paired, SNAP! Grip will automatically connect to your phone. Battery Life: Up to 6 months. The shutter button can be used separately as a remote controller. Max. range: 10m
・Tripod Compatible: Features standard tripod mount thread on the grip

Bitplay Snap Case with Bluetooth Shutter

If you down for it, you can find Bitplay Snap Case with Bluetooth Shutter on twowgo.com, selling for $66.99. Actually, TBH, it is not awfully expensive considering some cases already asking for 3/4 of the price. We are NOT affiliated with Bitplay or twowgo.com, btw, but if you ask me, this case makes for a good investment if you love mobile photography as much as I do.

All images courtesy of Bitplay.

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