I’d be lying to you if I told you this little wall-crawling robot, called Scribit, that does graffiti is useful. It is not quite, but still, it is interesting enough for us to pay attention to what it has to offer. So, what exactly is a Scribit? And what can Scribit do? Scribit is basically a write and erase robot. The world’s first, btw. It is kind of like a wall-crawling plotter that draws on virtually any smooth, vertical surface, ranging from whiteboards to glasses to plastered drywall.

But why would want to do that? I don’t know. Off the cuff, I would think it will be a fun alternative to wallpaper, since whatever this little guy drew can be erased, so you’d have a fresh look whenever you desire. It could be use it to draw up your coffee shop menus, or decorate your store’s walls too. I think you could even make it an attraction with live drawing sessions by this robot to pull crowds to your business. Your life surely don’t depend on it, but it is a novel gadget and to some extend, it could be an excellent alternative to today’s overwhelming digital displays.

Scribit Write and Erase Robot

For Scribit to get to work, it has to be suspended at two uppermost corners. Once set, it can move across the wall by manipulating the wires and using its CMYK markers to create the design you desire. How it really works is still unclear at this point, but I am assuming it has to be connected somehow, to a device such as a smartphone or computer so your desired artwork can be uploaded to Scribit to be plotted.

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According to the official product website, it can even “share or source any content from the web.” Oh, wait. Does it mean that it can print the entire website onto a wall? If so, that will be really, really interesting. Scribit is created by a group of interaction designers, engineers and architects working at CRA, a design and innovation office headed by MIT professor, Carlo Ratti, with the aim of taking us away from digital screens. It will be a product which consumers can acquire when it becomes available in June as a crowdfunding project.

Scribit Write and Erase Robot

Scribit Write and Erase Robot

Scribit Write and Erase Robot

Scribit Write and Erase Robot

Images: Scribit.

via Yanko Design.

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