We have seen robots that sweep and mop, mow the lawn, clean windows and pools, and if Beetl Robotics have their way, we will be able to add dog poop scooping to the list. Yes. A poop-scooping robot.

What are the odds of a pet owner letting fido shit around in the yard? I don’t know, but I’d say rarely. However, in case you do let your canine do its business in your yard, Beetl Robotic Dog Poop-Scooper is here to help.

Beetl Robotic Dog Poop-Scooper

It is autonomous much like the robot lawn mower we have seen thus far, except that this thing goes around your yard to sniff out dog poops and picking them up.

OK. It doesn’t quite ‘sniff’. It actually has computer vision to ‘see’ dog poops and the same “computer eyes” also enable it to avoid obstacles.

Like robot lawn mowers, it can be programmed to work within a certain boundaries and presumably, get back to charge if the juice is low. Beetl Robotic Dog Poop-Scooper employs clam shell jaws mechanism under the vehicle to pick up poops.

Beetl Robotic Dog Poop-Scooper

It is a slow process that, as the video below shows, will also pull up some bits of the lawn.

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It is a neat idea, but not necessary practical. I mean, seriously, how much your flurry friends have to poop in the yard to justify buying a machine to clean the yard of dog doos? It ought to be a lot.

But if the robot also does the lawn, which the company is also considering as a possibility, then that’s another whole different story.

The Beetl Robotic Dog Poop-Scooper remains a prototype for now, but the outfit hope that it will materialize sometime down the road.

Images: Beetl Robotics.

Source: Technabob.

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