Spherovelo Juno by Early Rider

Spherovelo Juno by Early Rider
(photos: Early Rider) Spherovelo Juno by Early Rider | £69.00 | www.earlyrider.com

riding a bicycle requires a certain set of balance and motor skill. these lifelong assets can be developed while your kid is still a toddler, thus allowing them to shorten their learning curve in picking up activities like skating, cycling and the likes as they grow up. while the market is certainly not lacking of learning aid such as toddler bicycle, they don’t look exactly inviting. that’s where the Spherovelo Juno by Early Rider comes in. first off, it looks nothing like the intimidating bicycle, which makes it more toddler-friendly and it offers a two-stage learning process. like a typical learning bicycle, it can be use as a sit-on toy (or ride-on toy, if you like) with its stabilizers on that allow your kids to get in tune with the ride and as they progresses, the stabilizers can be removed to offer a more unstable bicycle-like learning platform, challenging them to develop their balance and motor skills. made from extremely light weight, hard wearing nylon, this bicycle for toddler features a comfortable moulded foam saddle and a natural wood handle for that classy touch. not to mention that its unconventional look speaks a lot of style and at £69 (about US$109) a piece, the Spherovelo Juno by Early Rider is certainly not an exceedingly lavish treatment for your kids. another look and a product intro video after the break.

Spherovelo Juno by Early Rider

Spherovelo via The Fancy

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