Sony Smartwatch

Sony Smartwatch
Sony Smartwatch | US$149.99 |

keeping your smartphone in your pocket or bag resulted in a new chore of the 21st century: taking them out to check whatever that is buzzing in your pocket or in your bag. if you are those that agree that the aforementioned is indeed a new age chore, then the new Sony Smartwatch might just be your new best friend. as you would have expected, this watch does more than just telling time, it connects to your Android smartphone, allowing you to read text messages and emails, receive Facebook and Twitter alerts, check out the weather, receive and answer calls, and control your music, right from your wrist. the 1.3-inch OLED touchscreen also serves as a fix for your insatiable appetite for swiping and tapping. made from combination of aluminum and high polished plastics, the watch also dust and splash proof, and its digital watch face will remains visible even if it is not connected to the phone. for $149.99 a pop, you kick start the wrist poking culture from today on. a short product intro video awaits after the break.

Sony Mobile via Wired

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