Invention is really not Cade Yeager’s forte and if he so insist like he did in the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction, think he could use a little help from Makey Makey GO. It won’t help pay the bills, but at least he will get the satisfaction of inventing something and not failing. Just saying… So what the heck is Makey Makey GO? It is the world’s first on-the-go invention kit which, for 19 bucks, you get a USB stick and an alligator clip, that will let you turn almost anything into a button. Yes. BUTTON. With Makey Makey GO, even a banana could be a spacebar and anything could be made to produce sound. Basically what it can do is pretty much limited by your creativity.

Makey Makey GO
Fido can make video calls!

Some of the examples listed include rigging it up with a tablet to take slide selfie (you know, capturing the moment as you zip down the slide), play flappy bird with jello (basically, one-button games), keep score as you balance on slackline or sword strikes, use real donut as spacebar, and many other fun stuff. It’s the tool to let you have fun in inventing, or in some cases, re-inventing. You can even set it up to teach fido to make video calls with you too. It is as simple as plugging the USB stick to the computer and hooking up the alligator clip, one to the USB stick and other to whatever object you want to interact with. And the most brilliant part about Makey Makey GO? It lets you do all that on-the-go, so you don’t need to be lab-bound, so to speak.

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Interested? You can pre-order Makey Makey GO on Kickstarter from now till July 10, 2015. Shipping is expected to happen sometime in November 2015.

Makey Makey GO
Or donut as spacebar…
Makey Makey GO
Use jello to play flappy bird
Makey Makey GO
Or keeping count of sword strikes
Makey Makey GO
Keeping score on the slackline

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