Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe [video]

Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe
(photos: Mighty Ape) Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe | US$54.99 |

honestly, we are not familiar with Doctor Who but that doesn’t stop us from featuring this tiny safe that is fashioned after the Doctor Who Time Machine Police Box as seen on the British television series. obviously, we are not a fan of this particular Doc, however we are totally taken in by its functioning. the key to opening this little locked storage box is your smartphone but first you will have to download and install a free app onto your smartphone. from there, all you have to do is to launch the app, dock your smartphone to the TARDIS Smart Safe, and enter your pass code and the door opens up, accompanied by the sound of the TARDIS time machine revving up. we love the idea but we just wish it could a bigger safe and a little less portable to prevent the theft of the whole TARDIS. the Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe is up for pre-order with a price tag of $54.99 each. hit the jump for a couple of larger views and a short demo video.

Mighty Ape via DVICE

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