Star Wars’ Galactic Empire is dark (why? ermmm, blowing up planets, duh) and you know what else is dark? Heavy metal music. As such, it is fitting to have a heavy metal rendition of the iconic soundtrack The Imperial March, AKA Darth Vader’s Them, composed by John Williams from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Heavy Metal The Imperial Match

Performed by Rise RecordsStar Wars-themed band Galactic Empire, this wholly refreshing rendition of the iconic soundtrack is eerily fitting for the evil Galactic Empire lead by the sinister Emperor Palpatine. Actually, no, I correct my stance. To categorize the Galactic Empire’s The Imperial March as heavy metal is not quite as fitting. It sounds more like black metal, along the line of King Diamond, Sepultura and Celtic Frost.

Also, the fact that band performed dressed up as the key antagonists of the Star Wars universe, namely, Darth Vader, Black and White Stormtroopers, Red Guard and Boba Fett, also helps set the mood. That said, I’d say the soundtrack is best enjoyed as a music video which you can do so in the embedded video below.

Images: YouTube (riserecords).

Source: Laughing Squid.

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