We already know that, other than LEGO, cardboard can also build anything, but do you know what cardboard-built items are capable of when you marry it with a shit load of matchsticks? If you don’t know, now you will know. Relatively newcomer to the YouTube scene, The S, shows you that matches actually make for a decent propulsion for stuff that he made, albeit one that was pretty short lived.

Matches Powered Cardboard Jet Car

Previously, The S has propelled a wooden DIY toy truck and recently, he made a cardboard sports car propelled by a bunch of burning matchsticks. The “Cool Matches Powered Cardboard Jet Car,” as The S calls it, kind of reminds us of the jet turbine powered Batmobile from the 1989 Tim Burton’s Batman flick.

Anywho, you probably will be surprised how a bunch of matchsticks, when lit, is capable of driving a scale model cardboard car off a ramp. While matches can do that, it is however, not quite energy efficient and so, don’t go around trying to replicate the same thing in life-size model, cardboard or not.

Continue reading to find the said video and the carnage that ensues.

Images: YouTube (The S).

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