In addition to a slew of new products announced at IFA Berlin, Republic Of Gamers or ROG, ASUS’s gaming arm, has announced the “world’s first” 300 Hz laptop display on the ASUS Zephyrus S GX701 Gaming Laptop. But that, of course, was quickly overtaken by event as Acer also announced that its Triton 500 will be offered with a new 300 Hz display as well. Anywho, ASUS revealed a special 300 Hz version ASUS Zephyrus S GX701 that will be arriving later this year. Here’s a brief on what a 300 Hz display about and its benefits:

Raising the refresh rate to 300Hz represents a 25% increase over the current standard for high-level esports tournaments. At that speed, the screen can draw 5X more frames than the 60Hz panels found on conventional laptops. When your GPU produces enough frames per second to keep up, the faster display makes gameplay silkier than ever before.

Higher frequencies can also improve the experience when the refresh rate is fixed and your FPS drops below the maximum. The delay between refresh cycles is shorter, allowing the display to respond faster to fresh frames produced by the GPU. If you’re running Vsync to eliminate visual tearing, the higher frequency mitigates visible stuttering that can occur when the display is forced to wait until the next cycle to show a new frame. At 300Hz, it’s ready to draw a complete new frame every 3.3ms, which nicely matches the 3ms response time of the pixels.

ASUS Zephyrus S GX701 Gaming Laptop

During the event, multiple Strix and Zephyrus gaming laptops were demoed outfitted with the 300 Hz panels, signalling the impeding arrival of 300 Hz display to future gaming laptops. However, it is the ASUS Zephyrus S GX701 that will be hitting the shelves first come this October. Exact availability, pricing, and configurations are dependent on region. So, if you are keen, perhaps you can reach out to your local ROG rep for those details.

ASUS Zephyrus S GX701 Gaming Laptop

All images courtesy of ASUS.

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