Well, you know what? I never imagine the day I will be saying this, but here it is, a Tennis Racket Backpack. Yep. Believe it, folks. A backpack designed specifically to let you carry your treasured tennis racket on your back is a thing now. If that’s not clear enough. KILLSPENCER Tennis Racket Backpack is a specialty backpack that lets you stash nothing other than a single tennis racket.

KILLSPENCER Tennis Racket Backpack

To be fair, it can store more than just a single tennis racket; it can also pack a handful of tennis balls. Like the game itself, the backpack is just as classy as Serena Williams’ controversial catsuit she wore at the 2018 French Open. OK. Maybe not. But I think you get the jive.

It features a hand-quilted design in premium full-grain leather, finished with leather pipping, Swiss-made Riri zipper in antique silver, foam-padded interior lined with durable IFAC class 1 fire retardant waterproof black nylon, foam-padded shoulder straps and leather handles, mil-spec black metal hardware, and stamped with gold KILLSPENCER logo.

KILLSPENCER Tennis Racket Backpack

Each KILLSPENCER Tennis Racket Backpack will come with a removable Tennis Ball Holder that fits 3 tennis ball cans and attaches to the backpack via velcro loop system.

KILLSPENCER Tennis Racket Backpack is the perfect companion for those who rather go hands free when heading to and fro the court, but this desire demands that you to be fairly loaded with cash because, each Tennis Racket Backpack will run you back at a cool $1,050.

All images courtesy of KILLSPENCER.

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