Hasbro may have gotten hooked with Transformers crossover since the Ghostbusters crossover from last year. Joining the recently announced and sold out Back to the Future Gigawatt figure is the Transformers x Top Gun figure, featuring the star jet fighter, the Northrop Grumman F-14 Tomcat fighter jet.

Hasbro Transformers x Top Gun Maverick Figure

Not surprisingly, the figure is named “Maverick”. I can’t imagine what else they could have named it. Tomcat, perhaps? Nah, that would be ridiculous. We have heard that it is coming, but it is only now that we have the official words and images.

The Maverick figure is about 7 inches tall in robot mode and transforms into its alt-mode in 25 steps. And yes, it does have folding wings just like the actual F-14.

Hasbro Transformers x Top Gun Maverick Figure

A bunch of accessories are included with the figure, including a miniature pilot on motorcycle, 4 missiles, and a pair of alternate hands that can hold a tiny volleyball. Kenny Loggins’ adrenaline pumping Danger Zone soundtrack is, however, not included.

The Transformers Generations Top Gun Mash-Up Maverick Robot is now available for pre-order exclusively from Hasbro Pulse, priced at US$49.99. The item is expected to be available to ship starting this month (July).

All images courtesy of Hasbro.

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